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Spice mix for Bbq





25 grams

Sweet paprika

25 grams

Smoked paprika

5 grams

Brown cane sugar

25 grams

Garlic powder

8 grams

Onion powder

12 grams

Chili powder

2 grams

Black pepper

4 grams

second courses from South America

Spice mix for Bbq

Spice mix for Bbq


ready in

5 minutes


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

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Spice mix for Bbq

This mix of spices can be used to marinate, dry, any type of meat, especially pork and chicken! Just mix all the ingredients and you will have the powder ready to use!

Spice mix for Bbq step 1

step 1

Put everything in a mixer and chop until it is all homogeneous. It will take about 1 minute.

Spice mix for Bbq step 2

step 2

Now use them to marinate the ribs!

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