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Stuffed peppers fantasy




Yellow peppers

1 unit


3 unit


1 gram

Grated Grana Padano

1 spoon


2 unit

Datterino tomatoes

5 unit

Philadelphia spreadable cheese

40 grams

Black pepper

to taste


to taste

second courses from Italy - Puglia

Stuffed peppers fantasy

Stuffed peppers fantasy

vegetarian with gluten with eggs with lactose source of C vitamins high in potassium

ready in

40 minutes


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

translated by Italian with google translate

Stuffed peppers fantasy

Stuffed peppers in the oven ... Simple, quick to prepare and ... Imaginative!

Stuffed peppers fantasy step 1

step 1

Wash and cut the peppers so as to create the boats. Usually a boat corresponds to 1/4 of pepper

Stuffed peppers fantasy step 2

step 2

Boil the potatoes, then mash them so as to create a compound fairly homogeneous

Stuffed peppers fantasy step 3

step 3

Stir the mixture with the egg, Philadelphia, the finely grated carrots, chopped tomatoes into small pieces, the grated Grana and add oil, salt and pepper to taste.

Stuffed peppers fantasy step 4

step 4

In a baking dish, place the baking paper and oil it. Then put the boats of peppers and fill them with the mixture abound

Stuffed peppers fantasy step 5

step 5

At the end add a day sprinkling bread crumbs on the surface of boats with a little 'oil

Stuffed peppers fantasy step 6

step 6

Bake at 180 degrees for at least 30 minutes. Enjoy your meal!

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