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Panbrioche At Pumpkin




Manitoba flour

600 grams


400 grams

Fresh brewer's yeast

25 grams

Vegetal butter

60 grams

Rice milk

150 mL

White sugar

100 grams

Iodized salt

1 pinch

Dark chocolate chips, vegan

150 grams

Bakery products from Italy - Campania

Panbrioche At Pumpkin

Panbrioche At Pumpkin

vegan with gluten source of D vitamins

ready in

4 hours


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

translated by Italian with google translate

Panbrioche At Pumpkin

A soft leavened, made even softer by the pumpkin and greener than the chocolate drops!

Panbrioche At Pumpkin step 1

step 1

Cut the pumpkin into pieces, place on a plate covered with oven paper and let it cook at 180 ° for about 20 minutes.

Panbrioche At Pumpkin step 2

step 2

After the necessary time, if you can put it with a toothpick without excessive pressure, extract it from the oven. If not, let it cook for a few more minutes.

Panbrioche At Pumpkin step 3

step 3

When done, pour it into a blender and work the pumpkin until it is creamy. Put it aside to cool. Once ready, go to the dough preparation.

Panbrioche At Pumpkin step 4

step 4

Pour pumpkin, melted butter, lukewarm milk (where you will loose the yeast), salt, sugar and then add the flour to mix the ingredients.

Panbrioche At Pumpkin step 5

step 5

When the mixture begins to thicken add the drops of chocolate and begin to knead with your hands until you get a smooth and homogeneous panet (it must have the same texture as the pizza dough).

Panbrioche At Pumpkin step 6

step 6

If the dough becomes sticky, add another 2/3 spoons of flour, it may be that the pumpkin used is more watery than mine.

Panbrioche At Pumpkin step 7

step 7

Then put the panet in a clean and slightly flamed bowl, cover with food film and a clean cloth and let it rise for about one hour and a half or two hours.

Panbrioche At Pumpkin step 8

step 8

At this point the dough should be doubled in volume. Pour it into a lightly flamed workpiece and work it a few seconds.

Panbrioche At Pumpkin step 9

step 9

Now you get a lot of balls, as if you wanted to make a danube, and place them in a wheel spacing them apart (by habit I poke and always rub the mold, to prevent the sweet from attacking).

Panbrioche At Pumpkin step 10

step 10

I used a 24x24cm square mold but you can use a classic 24 / 26cm circular mold.

Panbrioche At Pumpkin step 11

step 11

Alternatively, you can create panbrioche sandwiches (like the kernels) and then simply place them on a baking tray.

Panbrioche At Pumpkin step 12

step 12

Cover with film (do not close it on the sides if you place it on the baking tray) and cloth and let it rise for another hour.

Panbrioche At Pumpkin step 13

step 13

The dough will have flourished again and by now the balls of your panbrioche to the pumpkin will all be near, close! Now you have to turn the oven on 180 ° and cook for about 20 minutes.

Panbrioche At Pumpkin step 14

step 14

When the dessert is still warm, if you want, you can brush it with a little apricot jam melted previously in a pot with a little water and sprinkle with grain sugar.

Panbrioche At Pumpkin step 15

step 15

NOTES: The weight of the pumpkin is to be understood net of scraps. For flour, you can also make 300g of flour 00 and 300g of manitoba flour.

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