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Very easy kimchi




Green cabbage

1 kilo


300 grams


150 grams

Fresh hot pepper

100 grams

Chili powder

8 spoons

Rice flour

2 teaspoons


120 mL


4 wedges

Fish sauce

4 spoons

Coarse salt

4 spoons

White sugar

1 spoon


300 grams


200 grams

Side Dishes from South Korea

Very easy kimchi

Very easy kimchi

with fish

ready in

1 hour


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

translated by Italian with google translate

Very easy kimchi

The legendary Kimchi, one of the most nutritious and complete foods on the planet, which can be really complicated, including fermentation, research of ingredients, etc. After experimenting with various versions, I found a recipe that was very simple to say the least. You will only need an hour of time and a knife! Warning: the recipe I propose is very spicy. Reduce the amount of chili to get a kimchi just as tasty but not spicy!

Very easy kimchi step 1

step 1

Cut into small pieces and rinse the cabbage very well. Place it in a large bowl (I had to divide it into 2 because I don't have one big enough), sprinkle with coarse salt and leave it like this for 1 hour, turning every once in a while

Very easy kimchi step 2

step 2

Meanwhile, put water and rice flour in a small saucepan (the 00 flour is also perfect), mix with a whisk until the mixture is translucent. Add the sugar, stir and continue to heat until it melts. Let it cool,

Very easy kimchi step 3

step 3

Chop (not too fine) vegetables: garlic, onion, red pepper

Very easy kimchi step 4

step 4

as well as the Daikon, the cucumber and the green apple. The daikon must be peeled, cucumber and green apple no, as it is not necessary to remove the seeds from the cucumber.

Very easy kimchi step 5

step 5

The most difficult part of the recipe is to find these two ingredients. Korean flaked chilli (replaceable with the same amount of mildly spicy chilli powder) and fish sauce. Easily purchased in ethnic stores.

Very easy kimchi step 6

step 6

Drain and rinse the cabbage very well. Put it back in the bowl.

Very easy kimchi step 7

step 7

Mix all the ingredients, adding chilli and fish sauce. Use a glove, because it dyes a lot. Stir gently but firmly until you achieve a result of this type.

Very easy kimchi step 8

step 8

Place the preparation in jars of glass, pyrex, plastic, well washed (of course). crush the preparation well. Leave the jars on a shelf for 24-36 hours. When you see a lot of red liquid and bubbles, the kimchi is ready.

Very easy kimchi step 9

step 9

From this moment it is already fermented. It should then be placed in the refrigerator to slow down the fermentation. The Kimchi, well cared for (example: pressing well every time you take it from the jar), lasts even a couple of months. It can be eaten like this, in soup with meat, fish or tofu.

Very easy kimchi step 10

step 10

I generally eat it as a side dish at the beginning, then the more it ferments, the more I use it in cooked preparations, such as a kimchi pancake or kimchi soup with cuttlefish or pork. An extraordinary and complete food. Enjoy your meal!

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