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My homemade Nutellina





100 grams

Bitter cacao

40 grams

Dark chocolate, without milk

50 grams


40 grams

Vegetable milk

1 coffee cup

Desserts from Italy

My homemade Nutellina

My homemade Nutellina

vegetarian with nuts with good fats

ready in

15 minutes


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

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My homemade Nutellina

The truth is that in this world of greedy, there is no human you do not like! I only eat my Nutellina which I am very jealous. It is a cream spread with hazelnuts and chocolate with a dark flavor that reminds you of well-known chocolates. I know you already have the water in your mouth ... and then what are you waiting for? Prepare this Delight Now!

My homemade Nutellina step 1

step 1

Toast the hazelnuts in the frying pan. In a mixer insert the hazelnuts and whip until you get a smooth cream. Add the bitter cocoa, honey and chopped chocolate.

My homemade Nutellina step 2

step 2

Blend until all the ingredients have blended for good.

My homemade Nutellina step 3

step 3

Transfer the mixture into a bowl and add slowly, mixing with a whip, vegetable milk until it reaches the desired consistency.

My homemade Nutellina step 4

step 4

You can keep your Nutellina in a sterilized can for about two weeks, but be sure it will end sooner!

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