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Délicieux French Toast




Wholewheat bread

2 slices

Egg, egg white

50 oz

Semiskimmed milk

20 fl oz

Ground cinnamon

1 pinch

Peanut butter

1 teaspoon

Bitter cacao

1 teaspoon


1 half

Dehydrated coconut

a bit

Raspberry jam

1 teaspoon

Dried almonds

a bit

Dehydrated Goji berries

a bit

Chia seeds

a bit

Desserts from Italy

Délicieux French Toast

Délicieux French Toast

vegetarian with gluten with eggs with lactose with nuts high in fiber high in potassium

ready in

10 minutes


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

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Délicieux French Toast

The French Toast recipe is a must and within minutes you can get an energetic and satiating breakfast. What I want to share is the enrichment of this simple dish with ingredients that rondo even more delicious and genuine.

Délicieux French Toast step 1

step 1

Dip the slices of bread into the mixture of egg white, milk and cinnamon. I have used wholemeal bread, I suggest you choose a type of bread with compact and strong flavors such as two slices of rye bread.

Délicieux French Toast step 2

step 2

Allow the bread to absorb all the liquid part and in the meantime heat a non-stick pan so as to cook the toast without adding fat.

Délicieux French Toast step 3

step 3

Put the slices of bread in a pan and cook over medium heat until the egg white is cooked and create a crispy crust. If you want you can pour the remaining liquid on the surface of the bread to make a thicker layer (I like it a lot)

Délicieux French Toast step 4

step 4

Serve and allow to cool slightly. We come to the topping. For the first slice I chose: raspberry jam, toasted almonds in a pan, Goji boats and chia seeds.

Délicieux French Toast step 5

step 5

Simple, but the sour taste of raspberries in contrast with the sweetness of almonds is very good. Not to mention crunchiness

Délicieux French Toast step 6

step 6

Second slice (perhaps my favorite): spread a teaspoon of peanut butter (it was so easy to stop with just one teaspoon) and cover with the banana cut into thin slices

Délicieux French Toast step 7

step 7

Make the famous cream of water and cocoa and let it run on the banana. Finish with coconut flakes. The goodness of this combination of flavors is indescribable. Bon Appétit.

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