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Neapolitan sauce




Homemade tomato sauce

4 and 1/2 fl oz

Pork sausage

500 oz

Pork ribs

800 oz

Veal muscle

800 oz

Pork rind

300 oz


100 oz


100 oz


50 oz

Iodized salt

to taste

Sauces from Italy

Neapolitan sauce

Neapolitan sauce

with meat source of B vitamins high in iron source of C vitamins source of D vitamins high in potassium high in magnesium

ready in

8 hours


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

translated by Italian with google translate

Neapolitan sauce

It is not Sunday without napoli sauce

Neapolitan sauce step 1

step 1

The first thing to do is to finely chop the onion and ham and bacon. This can make it easily with a mixer to save some time.

Neapolitan sauce step 2

step 2

Pour the mixture into an earthenware pot and fry over low heat and always remembering to place the pot on a flame spreader.

Neapolitan sauce step 3

step 3

When the onion is browned and beautiful ham and bacon fat melted, add all the meat,

Neapolitan sauce step 4

step 4

including pork rinds that you or your butcher will have rolled up inside and seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic and parsley (many in Naples also put pine nuts and raisins, but this time I omitted).

Neapolitan sauce step 5

step 5

Sear so that the meat is not sealed well (counting you are using a crock pot this operation may last from 45 to 60 minutes).

Neapolitan sauce step 6

step 6

Add the tomato puree, salt and let pippiare ie boil slowly for about seven hours.

Neapolitan sauce step 7

step 7

The best way to taste it is to sprinkle it on a slice of bread.

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