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Sardine Fritte




Iodized salt

2 pinches


1 cup


500 oz

Peanut oil

1 fl oz

Type 00 wheat flour

100 oz

second courses from Italy

Sardine Fritte

Sardine Fritte

with gluten with fish with nuts high in potassium high in phosphorus

ready in

25 minutes


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

translated by Italian with google translate

Sardine Fritte

A great recipe, fried sardines are really tasty, there is the saying that even a fried ciabatta is good but I assure you that the sardines are really great, I think they are the top cooked this way ..

Sardine Fritte step 1

step 1

Take the sardines, then cut the tail, we trim the stomach, remove the interior, and with the tip of the fingers we go through the bush, carefully remove it.

Sardine Fritte step 2

step 2

Once clean, we wash them under cold running water, put them in a dripping colander. In a bowl we pour the vinegar, now let's salmon (I have to bathe at least 10 minutes),

Sardine Fritte step 3

step 3

Then let them drift. In a pan we put the flour, we now pour the oil into a frying pan (better if it is ground and with a basket) when the oil reaches the temperature (be careful not to overcome the smoking point).

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Sardine Fritte step 4

step 4

Now the sardines pass through the flour, helping you with a dense straw chop to eliminate excess, start frying by turning them often.

Sardine Fritte step 5

step 5

Once cooked, you will notice that the outside becomes golden, but do not bake too much to eat sardine crisps, salad and eat them.

Sardine Fritte step 6

step 6

Tip: I recommend saving them just a moment before putting them on the table, otherwise they will dampen and become soft, blah. Good recipes for everyone -).

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