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Apple roses




Puff pastry

690 grams

Brown sugar

2 spoons

Vegetal butter

15 grams


3 unit

Icing sugar

to taste

Lemon juice

20 mL

Desserts from Italy - Campania

Apple roses

Apple roses

vegetarian with gluten high in iron

ready in

1 hour 30 minutes


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

translated by Italian with google translate

Apple roses

A sweet delicious, easy to make and great-looking! Perfect for Mother's Day and May, the month of roses.

Apple roses step 1

step 1

Wash your apples well, cut them in half, and tear off the torsol. Subsequently obtained from the slices obtained from very thin slices, which do not exceed 2mm thick.

Apple roses step 2

step 2

Place them in a pan with the butter, sugar and lemon juice and cook over low heat until the apple slices do not have softened (the color will change slightly).

Apple roses step 3

step 3

Meanwhile take a leaf roll dough and cut into rectangles about 6 by 5cm.

Apple roses step 4

step 4

Take one rectangle of puff pastry and, in the upper half, positioned the apple slices slightly overlapping each other.

Apple roses step 5

step 5

Subsequently, folded on apples half underlying sheet of dough.

Apple roses step 6

step 6

Roll the sheet over itself, over the entire length of the sheet.

Apple roses step 7

step 7

Repeat the process, until exhausting the puff pastry strips and the apple slices.

Apple roses step 8

step 8

Place the apple roses in ribbons, a muffin mold or a removable bottom wheel. I advise you not to bake them without anything that holds them, risk that the dough paste loses its shape during cooking.

Apple roses step 9

step 9

Bake at 170 degrees for about 45 minutes. To get a more crunchy pastry, put the apple rose in the fridge until the oven has reached the required temperature. Decorate with icing sugar.

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