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Apricot jam





1 unit

White sugar

500 grams


2000 grams

preserves from Italy

Apricot jam

Apricot jam


ready in

2 hours 30 minutes


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

translated by Italian with google translate

Apricot jam

Apricot jam is very easy to prepare and the result is very tasty.

Apricot jam step 1

step 1

The ingredients are for 6 glass jars of 250 g. It is important to choose mature apricots and if they have blemishes on the surface, just remove them with the knife.

Apricot jam step 2

step 2

Wash the apricots and dry them well on a canvas, taking care not to mistreat them

Apricot jam step 3

step 3

Then open them in half with your fingers or with a knife to remove the kernel and some small imperfections.

Apricot jam step 4

step 4

To go fast before removing all the hazelnuts and put the apricots in a bowl, finish this step to prepare the pot that will welcome them in a convenient way for cooking.

Apricot jam step 5

step 5

Place the pot on the scale, reset it and pour the apricots. Detected the weight we need to proportion the sugar.

Apricot jam step 6

step 6

If you are 2 kilograms of apricots, add 500 grams of sugar but if you are a different weight just do 25% to know the amount of sugar.

Apricot jam step 7

step 7

Example: You have 1.7 kg of apricots, add 425 g of sugar.

Apricot jam step 8

step 8

Then combine the required amount of sugar with the apricots, add the lemon juice, and mix well.

Apricot jam step 9

step 9

Put on fire and bring to a boil, keep the flame very low and let it cook for about two hours, stirring occasionally.

Apricot jam step 10

step 10

As the jam is cooked, you can proceed to the sanitizing of jars and taps, as indicated by the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.

Apricot jam step 11

step 11

Check the cooking jar periodically.

Apricot jam step 12

step 12

Your apricot jam should be ready when pouring a bit of compound with a teaspoon on a plate, tilting it should remain compact

Apricot jam step 13

step 13

If the drop slips away, continue cooking frequently stirring. Just off, the jar is put into jars.

Apricot jam step 14

step 14

Fill each jar, leaving at least 1 cm of space from the edge. Screw the cap firmly, turn it over and let cool

Apricot jam step 15

step 15

With the heat of the jam, the vacuum will be created, which will save the product for a long time.

Apricot jam step 16

step 16

Once the jars are cooled, turn the cap upwards and check if the vacuum is properly applied:

Apricot jam step 17

step 17

Press in the center of the cap, if you do not feel the classic click-clack, the vacuum will have come to pass.

Apricot jam step 18

step 18

Otherwise, you can boil the jars in a pan for about 30 minutes, with the cap facing up and covered with water up to half the jar.

Apricot jam step 19

step 19

After that you have to let them dry and cool down again.

Apricot jam step 20

step 20

Apricot jam is stored for several months, in a cool and dry place, sheltered from sources of light and heat.

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