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Finta Neapolitan Genovese




Wholewheat pasta

160 grams


3 unit

Extra virgin olive oil

2 spoons


2 unit


2 stems

Cherry tomatoes

4 unit

Common table wine

1 coffee cup


1 coffee cup

Grated Grana Padano

4 spoons

Iodized salt

to taste

first courses from Italy

Finta Neapolitan Genovese

Finta Neapolitan Genovese

vegetarian with gluten with lactose high in calcium high in potassium high in magnesium

ready in

1 hour 20 minutes


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

translated by Italian with google translate

Finta Neapolitan Genovese

The Neapolitan Genovese pretend is a pun and cities. In fact, even if his name brings us in Genoa, she is just homemade in Naples. The Neapolitan Genovese pretend is also called Genovese fujute because the Genovese classic is the meat, but since the Neapolitans they invent all kinds in lean times, when the onion was the only thing that was in the houses, some women commoner he decided to make the Neapolitan Genovese fake.

Finta Neapolitan Genovese step 1

step 1

Puliamo onions eliminating the outer part and lasciamole download in cold water.

Finta Neapolitan Genovese step 2

step 2

We wash, mondiamo carrots and celery, tritiamo and we put in the pot or in the KKC to 140 ° vel.3 hook with cooking with oil, let fry for a couple of minutes.

Finta Neapolitan Genovese step 3

step 3

Meanwhile we slice onions coarsely being a long cooking will however become a creamy sauce.

Finta Neapolitan Genovese step 4

step 4

Aggiungiamole to the mixture along with a flame or high cherry tomatoes in the KCC to 140 ° speed. 1, pour the wine, water and salt.

Finta Neapolitan Genovese step 5

step 5

Cover with lid and continue baking for 60 minutes at moderate heat for KCC at 90 ° Vel. 1.

Finta Neapolitan Genovese step 6

step 6

For classical cooking part used a pot with salted water and bring to a boil the pasta tuffateci continue cooking as indicated by the package.

Finta Neapolitan Genovese step 7

step 7

After the cooking time add the onions in the KKC 250ml water bring to a boil at 140 °.

Finta Neapolitan Genovese step 8

step 8

Pour the dough for controlled cooking times shown on the sample package and check if they are ready.

Finta Neapolitan Genovese step 9

step 9

Add the parmesan cheese with KCC now turned off and mantechiamo.

Finta Neapolitan Genovese step 10

step 10

Impiattiamo, add some parmesan and serve our Neapolitan Genovese fake.

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