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Oil bread





250 grams

Iodized salt

1 teaspoon

Fresh brewer's yeast

15 grams

Manitoba flour

500 grams

Extra virgin olive oil

75 grams

White sugar

40 grams

Bakery products from Italy - Lazio

Oil bread

Oil bread

vegan with gluten with good fats

ready in

7 hours


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

translated by Italian with google translate

Oil bread

All soft oil sandwiches

Oil bread step 1

step 1

Put all the liquid into the planetary then the crushed yeast finally sugar salt flour and knead with hook K for 5 mn then put the hook and knead 10 mn

Oil bread step 2

step 2

Form a ball and raise a covered bowl with film for about 2 hours (up to doubling) I turn off the oven with light

Oil bread step 3

step 3

After spending time on a floured rectangular shape about 2cm high make strips of about 4cm and cut in the length of about 7/8 cm

Oil bread step 4

step 4

Roll each strip as for croissants on herself with one hand stretch the tip and with the other rolling hand

Oil bread step 5

step 5

Place the sandwiches so formed on paper spaced apart from each other

Oil bread step 6

step 6

Pour to cover covered with film until doubled I oven off with spark plug on

Oil bread step 7

step 7

After the time brush the surface with lukewarm milk

Oil bread step 8

step 8

Baking at 220 ° x 15 mn to gilding always depends on your oven

Oil bread step 9

step 9

Good meals with sliced ​​cheeses or pleasure x the school snacks or as they are at meals

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