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Green Beans With Tomato




Fagioli verdi

200 grams


1 unit

Red tomatoes

1 unit


250 mL

Extra virgin olive oil

1 spoon

Iodized salt

to taste

Black pepper

to taste


to taste

Dry parsley

to taste

first courses from Spain

Green Beans With Tomato

Green Beans With Tomato

vegan source of C vitamins high in potassium with good fats

ready in

20 minutes


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

translated by Spanish with google translate

Green Beans With Tomato

A warm and healthy dish ideal for winter!

Green Beans With Tomato step 1

step 1

Bring to the boil the 250 ml of water in a casserole. When the water boils, add salt and add the potato in small pieces.

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Green Beans With Tomato step 2

step 2

After about 5-10 minutes, add the 200 grams of green beans and, shortly after, chopped tomatoes, a tablespoon of olive oil, and black pepper, cumin and parsley to taste.

Green Beans With Tomato step 3

step 3

Cook for about 10 more minutes and serve.

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