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Carteddate to vincotto




Type 00 wheat flour

500 oz

White wine

1 glass

Extra virgin olive oil

1 coffee cup


1 unit

White sugar

1 cup

Iodized salt

1 pinch

Desserts from Italy - Basilicata

Carteddate to vincotto

Carteddate to vincotto

vegetarian with gluten with eggs

ready in

2 hours 10 minutes


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

translated by Italian with google translate

Carteddate to vincotto

# Natale2016 A sweet typically meridionare the Carteddate to vincotto crispy and mouth-watering aroma from cooked must

Carteddate to vincotto step 1

step 1

Combine the flour, white wine, the oil, salt, sugar, and egg. Mix and worked for a long time until you get a smooth and compact dough.

Carteddate to vincotto step 2

step 2

Make a ball and let the dough rest for at least half an hour covered.

Carteddate to vincotto step 3

step 3

Roll out the dough and cut into strips (with a wavy wheel) .Pizzicare the strip and roll on itself in order to obtain the pinwheels. keep it up.

Carteddate to vincotto step 4

step 4

Let dry for 2 hours and then fry in hot oil. Allow to cool.

Carteddate to vincotto step 5

step 5

Bring to the boil in a pot on vincotto. Bring to a boil and plunge into the carteddate or you can do like me I poured directly on vincotto carteddate for a milder flavor.

Carteddate to vincotto step 6

step 6

If you opt for the second option you need to thicken the vincotto still for a while. You can keep for several days at room temperature.

Carteddate to vincotto step 7

step 7

If you want you can also leave white, and when to serve them put the cooked wine or what even preferite.Provateli with Nutella are excellent.

Carteddate to vincotto step 8

step 8

Wishing you can also use the cardeddate honey or sugar semplicementa. The vincotto None Extra duva boiled the juice, it is also the vincotto you figs.

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