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Chocolate truffles




Grated orange peel

2 spoons

Bitter cacao

2 spoons

Dried dates

150 oz

Orange juice

2 spoons

Almond flour

1/2 cup

Desserts from Chile

Chocolate truffles

Chocolate truffles

vegan with nuts

ready in

10 minutes


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

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Chocolate truffles

A healthy and very easy to make snack that you can enjoy at any time.

Chocolate truffles step 1

step 1

Process the dates with the juice of half an orange and the zest of an orange, until forming a paste.

Chocolate truffles step 2

step 2

Incorporate it in a bowl, and mix with the cocoa and the almond flour.

Chocolate truffles step 3

step 3

Knead with your hand to form a compact dough. Shape into balls and coat in cocoa powder

Chocolate truffles step 4

step 4

If desired, you can also add vanilla (optional).

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