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Crudiveganas bars




Mixed dried fruit

150 oz

Dried dates

150 oz

Desiccated coconut

60 oz

Bitter cacao

1 cup

Bakery products from Chile

Crudiveganas bars

Crudiveganas bars

vegan with nuts high in fiber

ready in

1 hour


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

translated by Spanish with google translate

Crudiveganas bars

Rich energy bars suitable for crudiveganos.

Crudiveganas bars step 1

step 1

In a bowl soak (activate) nuts all night long in cold water.

Crudiveganas bars step 2

step 2

The next day remove water from soaking and wash well (this allows nutrients to be absorbed better).

Crudiveganas bars step 3

step 3

In another pot to activate dates or dehydrated fruit that has for about half an hour and to eliminate water of soaking. Coconut does not need soaking.

Crudiveganas bars step 4

step 4

Grind all the ingredients in a processor or with a minipimer, until it is well compact.

Crudiveganas bars step 5

step 5

In a pudding crush the mixture and remain even when crushing (at least it should be about 2x5 cm approx).

Crudiveganas bars step 6

step 6

Put in freezer 30-50 minutes, remove the pudding, cut into sticks, and serve.

Crudiveganas bars step 7

step 7

They last 1 week refrigerated.

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