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Fried trousers Lecce




Type 00 wheat flour

1 oz

Fresh brewer's yeast

1 unit


400 fl oz


to taste

Mozzarella cheese

400 oz

Tomato sauce, without salt

to taste


to taste

starters from Italy - Puglia

Fried trousers Lecce

Fried trousers Lecce

vegetarian with gluten with lactose high in calcium high in phosphorus

ready in

1 hour 30 minutes


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

translated by Italian with google translate

Fried trousers Lecce

A quick dinner? A snack or a delicious aperitif? That the fried trousers leccesi ready: a real treat! #cucinapugliese

Fried trousers Lecce step 1

step 1

Let it dry in excess Dallolio on absorbent paper and serve immediately. Enjoy your meal :

Fried trousers Lecce step 2

step 2

Take the flour, put it on the surface where you want to work it and place it with a hole in the center, where you put sugar. Just in the middle, then, pour the heated water making melt the beer yeast.

Fried trousers Lecce step 3

step 3

Then start kneading and, if necessary, from time to time, soak the mixture with hot water to mix everything, to speed up the times, you can very well use a planetary if you have one.

Fried trousers Lecce step 4

step 4

Then obtained the dough, leave it for a couple of hours in a warm place for leavening.

Fried trousers Lecce step 5

step 5

After 2-3 hours, knead the dough to form a long cord; cut it into pieces more or less the same in size, so that you can give them the shape of balls.

Fried trousers Lecce step 6

step 6

Then place the latter on a board and cover with a cloth: let rise again for an hour, better to leave them slightly spaced to prevent sticking during the rising.

Fried trousers Lecce step 7

step 7

In the meantime proceed to prepare the sauce by adding tomato, mozzarella into small pieces, a round of salt and pepper in a bowl and mix everything.

Fried trousers Lecce step 8

step 8

Spread the balls of dough with a rolling pin, forming circles, on which, with a spoon, place the filling, you must use a lot of precision because too much filling could open your panzerotti during cooking.

Fried trousers Lecce step 9

step 9

Close carefully the panzerotto with a strong pressure of the hands (often the teeth of the forks are used) on the edges. Heat the oil and cook the panzerotti in boiling oil by turning them on both sides until they are golden.

Fried trousers Lecce step 10

step 10

Drain on absorbent paper and serve the fried panzerotti still hot!

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