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Mother yeast




Type 0 wheat flour

200 oz

Natural mineral water

100 oz


1 teaspoon

Extra virgin olive oil

10 oz

Bakery products from Italy - Lazio

Mother yeast

Mother yeast

vegetarian with gluten

ready in

23 hours


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

translated by Italian with google translate

Mother yeast

Recipe mother yeast step by step

Mother yeast step 1

step 1

To prepare the mother yeast begins to take the flour mixes lukewarm water and honey

Mother yeast step 2

step 2

I prepare a crocodile engraving and put it in a newly oiled glass container

Mother yeast step 3

step 3

Cover with a damp cloth and leave it in the dispenser for 48 hours

Mother yeast step 4

step 4

After the time the first refreshment is done

Mother yeast step 5

step 5

Take only 200g of mother yeast in the center, you will see that a harder crust takes off on the surface and threw it away

Mother yeast step 6

step 6

To 200g of mother's yeast, add 100 of ever tepid water and 200 of flour

Mother yeast step 7

step 7

Form a bake again always make a cross engraving put in the jar well washed and dry and cover again with a damp cloth

Mother yeast step 8

step 8

Place in the pantry x another 48 hours

Mother yeast step 9

step 9

After the rest time restart the panetto by removing any crosticine on the surface and take 200g of mother's yeast in the center

Mother yeast step 10

step 10

Add 100g of lukewarm water and 200g of flour

Mother yeast step 11

step 11

Refill the baking pan and snap back into the jar put in well-oiled and oiled jar always covered with damp cloth

Mother yeast step 12

step 12

Now past the wait time it repeats everything but this time daily x 7 days

Mother yeast step 13

step 13

After the various refreshments daily refreshments are made and the panetto always engraved but this time puts in a jar with hermetic closure in the fridge and the refreshment will be weekly

Mother yeast step 14

step 14

I always suggest you to throw the exuberant because otherwise you will find yourself with kg of mother's yeast or given to a friend

Mother yeast step 15

step 15

I recommend you do at least 3 weekly refreshments before using the yeast for the recipes vs also use semPre the same flour for good yeast success

Mother yeast step 16

step 16

For any question ask me as well

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