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Sea Salad




White sugar

to taste

Provence herbs

2 oz

Datterino tomatoes

3 unit


5 oz

Chili pepper

2 oz

White wine

10 oz


30 oz


30 oz

Large shrimp tails

30 oz

Canestrini, pasta

30 oz

Extra virgin olive oil

15 oz


to taste

Iodized salt

to taste


20 oz

Lettuce or salad

50 oz

starters from Italy

Sea Salad

Sea Salad

with gluten with fish with shellfish with good fats

ready in

2 hours


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

translated by Italian with google translate

Sea Salad

Sophisticated fish salad, simple and full of flavor

Sea Salad step 1

step 1

For the liquid salad: Wash and clean the salad. Prepare hot water and a large bowl with water and ice. When the water bubbles, dip the salad for about a minute

Sea Salad step 2

step 2

When it has a beautiful bright green color, drain it and immerse it in cold water with ice. At this point it is enough to blend it with cooling water and oil to emulsify.

Sea Salad step 3

step 3

Put everything in the colander. Season with salt and pepper.

Sea Salad step 4

step 4

For confit tomatoes: Divide the daffodils in half, put them on a baking tray with sprinkled with sugar, salt, pepper, dried Provence herbs and a line of Evo oil.

Sea Salad step 5

step 5

Leave in a preheated oven for an hour and a half to about 120 degrees.

Sea Salad step 6

step 6

For mussels and clams: after having carefully cleaned, fry the oil, a piece of garlic and chili.

Sea Salad step 7

step 7

Pour mussels and clams to bake, add a sprinkling of parsley, a drop of white wine, cover with a lid and bake until all of them open. Add salt.

Sea Salad step 8

step 8

For canes and shrimp: clean the canes leaving only the central body, without their coral. Also clean the shrimp. Now put them in a frying pan with a butter nut.

Sea Salad step 9

step 9

You can now serve by putting a liquid salad mirror on which you adore your small sea bass and confit tomatoes. Add another pepper powder.

Sea Salad step 10

step 10

Decorate with some refreshing mint leaves and some petals to color.

Sea Salad step 11

step 11

NB The most important thing is the cleaning of the fish, do not leave any grains in mussels or clams or, worse, the intestines in the shrimp.

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