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Buckwheat and pear cake




buckwheat flour

110 oz

Rice flour

70 oz

Potato starch

40 oz


3 unit

White sugar

120 oz

Vegetable milk

60 oz

Lactose free butter

100 oz


3 unit

Baking powder for desserts

1 sachet

Brown sugar

2 spoons

Desserts from Italy

Buckwheat and pear cake

Buckwheat and pear cake

vegetarian with eggs

ready in

45 minutes


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

translated by Italian with google translate

Buckwheat and pear cake

The bitter taste of buckwheat flour together with the sweetness of pears creates a special taste for this cake, perfect for breakfast and a snack

Buckwheat and pear cake step 1

step 1

Allow the butter to soften at room temperature for an hour or more. Put it in a bowl and with the electric whisk, start whipping it with the sugar until a soft cream is obtained.

Buckwheat and pear cake step 2

step 2

Add an egg, the buckwheat flour and mix. Continue with the second egg and rice flour. Mix and add also the starch, the yeast and the last egg.

Buckwheat and pear cake step 3

step 3

Then add the milk a little at a time until a not too thick dough is obtained. Distribute the dough in the previously buttered pan.

Buckwheat and pear cake step 4

step 4

Clean the pears, cut them into slices and distribute them radially over the cake. Sprinkle all the pears with brown sugar. Bake in a hot oven at 180 degrees for about 30 minutes

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