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Soup beans and vegetables




Kale or black cabbage

40 grams

Savoy cabbage

40 grams


500 mL

Extra virgin olive oil

1 spoon

Dried peas

5 grams

Fava beans

5 grams


10 grams

Pearl barley

10 grams

Blackeyed beans

5 grams

Red tomatoes

1 unit


1 stem


1 unit


1 unit


1 unit

soups from Italy

Soup beans and vegetables

Soup beans and vegetables

vegan with gluten high in fiber high in potassium

ready in

40 minutes


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

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Soup beans and vegetables

A tasty main dish to be enjoyed in winter but also in early spring!

Soup beans and vegetables step 1

step 1

Clean the cabbage leaves depriving the coast, and the cabbage. Cut into slices. Peel the carrot, potato and prepare a vegetable broth with these ingredients, adding the tomato, celery and onion.

Soup beans and vegetables step 2

step 2

Apart fry the other half of the onion, cut into thin slices. Add dried vegetables previously required to soak for one night, spelled and barley washed and cover with the strained broth.

Soup beans and vegetables step 3

step 3

Whisk the ingredients used for the broth and add the puree to the soup. Simmer for 30-40 minutes or until it reaches the desired consistency

Soup beans and vegetables step 4

step 4

Wishing you can cook the cabbage and the cabbage separately and add them to the soup without passing them, as well as the carrot and potato can be added chopped.

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