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Crostatine the autumn




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Uovo, tuorlo

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3 unit


1 spoon

Farina per polenta

2 spoons

Farina di frumento tipo 00

8.82 oz

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4.41 oz

Buccia di limone

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Crostatine the autumn

Crostatine the autumn

vegetariano con glutine con uova con lattosio con noci

pronta in

40 minuti


fabbisogno giornaliero

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

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Foto Ricetta Crostatine the autumn

Autumn allows us to bring to the table hot larancio pumpkin, the penetrating aroma of mushrooms, the sweetness of the figs and Delluva gives us Sundays with friends and chestnuts company, and choc cake freshly picked hazelnuts. In short, autumn brings us to the table tastes that our taste buds in the summer time was right to put in the drawer: tarts such as the autumn, a sweet, a cuddle, a treat that you must try.

Foto preparazione Crostatine the autumn

step 1

Sift the flour and scatter over the sugar, then add a pinch of salt and lemon zest mix the ingredients and make the fountain.

Foto preparazione Crostatine the autumn

step 2

We distribute within the pieces of butter, which must be soft enough to be able to mix with the flour, but not too much, otherwise the dough would be soft.

Foto preparazione Crostatine the autumn

step 3

Amalgamiamo with his hands, then add eggs and work the dough again briefly, just enough to get a dough that will wrap in plastic wrap and put in the fridge to rest for an hour.

Foto preparazione Crostatine the autumn

step 4

After the interval, resume and stendiamolo dough with a rolling pin on a work surface.

Foto preparazione Crostatine the autumn

step 5

Then we imburriamo six molds and tart sprinkled with polenta flour, adagiamo dough into each mold and modelliamolo inside.

Foto preparazione Crostatine the autumn

step 6

We bake the tarts static preheated oven for 20 to 180 ° then we remove from oven and let cool.

Foto preparazione Crostatine the autumn

step 7

Meanwhile, we wash and peel the figs, tagliamoli mid tritiamo coarsely with a knife hazelnuts.

Foto preparazione Crostatine the autumn

step 8

Farciamo tarts with stewed pears, fig and half a teaspoon of chopped hazelnuts pour over the fig tree a drizzle of honey and finally bake for another 10 to 160 °.

Foto preparazione Crostatine the autumn

step 9

Sforniamo, dusted with powdered sugar and serve.

fabbisogno giornaliero
(per persona)

Main +

Calories 523.5 kcal n.d.

Fat 23.71 g n.d.

Carbohydrates 74.12 g n.d.

Protein 8.84 g n.d.

Fibers 6.27 g n.d.

Water 40.32 g n.d.

Ashes 1.69 g n.d.

Sugars 35.35 g n.d.

Starch 24.1 g n.d.

Minerals +

Calcium 50.98 mg n.d.

Sodium 195.9 mg n.d.

Phosphorus 212.63 mg n.d.

Potassium 285.05 mg n.d.

Iron 2.3 mg n.d.

Magnesium 74.77 mg n.d.

Zinc 1.53 mg n.d.

Copper 0.34 mg n.d.

Manganese 2.14 mg n.d.

Selenium 31.62 mcg n.d.

Fluorine 4.08 mcg n.d.

Vitamins +

A 167.0 mcg n.d.

B1 0.27 mg n.d.

B2 0.17 mg n.d.

B3 2.42 mg n.d.

B5 0.64 mg n.d.

B6 0.27 mg n.d.

B9 1.92 mcg n.d.

B12 0.19 mcg n.d.

C 6.59 mg n.d.

E 2.02 mg n.d.

B12 added 0.0 mcg n.d.

D 0.67 mcg n.d.

K 4.14 mcg n.d.

Total choline (Vit. J) 66.55 mg n.d.

Lipids +

Monounsaturated 8.29 g n.d.

Polyunsaturated 2.02 g n.d.

Saturated 11.8 g n.d.

Cholesterol 114.44 mg n.d.

unsaturated 10.3 g n.d.

Amino acids +

Phenylalanine 0.41 g n.d.

Isoleucine 0.32 g n.d.

Histidine 0.22 g n.d.

Leucine 0.64 g n.d.

Lysine 0.33 g n.d.

Methionine 0.15 g n.d.

Tyrosine 0.24 g n.d.

Threonine 0.26 g n.d.

Tryptophan 0.11 g n.d.

Valine 0.41 g n.d.

Other +

Ethyl alcohol 0.0 g n.d.

Caffeine 0.0 mg n.d.

Theobromine 0.0 mg n.d.

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