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Finger food caprese




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Finger food caprese

Finger food caprese

vegetariano con lattosio fonte di Vit C ricco in potassio

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25 minuti


fabbisogno giornaliero

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

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Foto Ricetta Finger food caprese

We get together a nightcap? Yes, but the caprese !! The fashion of using shorts to serve those from buffet appetizers were once considered now is becoming more prominent. An idea to try, a finger food flavors and summer colors to be accompanied with a glass of prosecco!

Foto preparazione Finger food caprese

step 1

We wash and cut into chunks tomatoes cut into cubes and let's make the mozzarella Elementary dallacqua excess in a colander.

Foto preparazione Finger food caprese

step 2

Meanwhile mondiamo and wash the zucchini, then we cut into horizontal slices not too thin and do not grill toppings in a hot griddle already it will take about five minutes.

Foto preparazione Finger food caprese

step 3

We recover pieces of mozzarella and unite them to the tomato condiamo them to taste with salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil and a handful of oregano.

Foto preparazione Finger food caprese

step 4

Condiamo slightly grilled zucchini with a pinch of salt and a little oil then we can coat the shorts with the slices of zucchini, making it adhere well to the edge.

Foto preparazione Finger food caprese

step 5

We fill 4 glasses with caprese, we end with a pinch of oregano and decorate with a few leaves of arugula. et voila, good drink to all !!!

fabbisogno giornaliero
(per persona)

Main +

Calories 232.41 kcal n.d.

Fat 17.48 g n.d.

Carbohydrates 5.92 g n.d.

Protein 12.83 g n.d.

Fibers 2.61 g n.d.

Water 233.76 g n.d.

Ashes 2.28 g n.d.

Sugars 2.9 g n.d.

Starch 0.0 g n.d.

Minerals +

Calcium 170.8 mg n.d.

Sodium 105.57 mg n.d.

Phosphorus 251.26 mg n.d.

Potassium 760.37 mg n.d.

Iron 1.42 mg n.d.

Magnesium 49.38 mg n.d.

Zinc 1.11 mg n.d.

Copper 0.18 mg n.d.

Manganese 0.34 mg n.d.

Selenium 0.46 mcg n.d.

Fluorine 5.2 mcg n.d.

Vitamins +

A 102.5 mcg n.d.

B1 0.04 mg n.d.

B2 0.04 mg n.d.

B3 0.81 mg n.d.

B5 0.42 mg n.d.

B6 0.16 mg n.d.

B9 0.0 mcg n.d.

B12 0.0 mcg n.d.

C 52.05 mg n.d.

E 0.56 mg n.d.

B12 added 0.0 mcg n.d.

D 0.0 mcg n.d.

K 11.91 mcg n.d.

Total choline (Vit. J) 0.19 mg n.d.

Lipids +

Monounsaturated 1.88 g n.d.

Polyunsaturated 0.53 g n.d.

Saturated 0.46 g n.d.

Cholesterol 0.0 mg n.d.

unsaturated 2.43 g n.d.

Amino acids +

Phenylalanine 0.11 g n.d.

Isoleucine 0.11 g n.d.

Histidine 0.07 g n.d.

Leucine 0.18 g n.d.

Lysine 0.17 g n.d.

Methionine 0.04 g n.d.

Tyrosine 0.08 g n.d.

Threonine 0.08 g n.d.

Tryptophan 0.02 g n.d.

Valine 0.13 g n.d.

Other +

Ethyl alcohol 0.0 g n.d.

Caffeine 0.0 mg n.d.

Theobromine 0.0 mg n.d.

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