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Excelsior dessert





220 grams

Icing sugar

120 grams

Full fat milk

50 grams

Type 00 wheat flour

300 grams

Icing sugar

200 grams

Almond flour

200 grams


3 spoons


2 spoons

Almond flavour

1 little bottle

Rum flavour

1 little bottle


15 grams


25 grams

Dark chocolate, without milk

100 grams

Pistachio grain

60 grams

Desserts from Italy

Excelsior dessert

Excelsior dessert

vegetarian with gluten with lactose with nuts

ready in

2 hours


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

translated by Italian with google translate

Excelsior dessert

Excelsior desserts are delicious pastries made up of two crumbly butter biscuits with a soft almond cream in between. Perfect as dessert after dinner or at tea time, or at any time of the day. For the perfect result of the recipe, the raw material of the components is fundamental, and above all the butter must be of excellent quality.

Excelsior dessert step 1

step 1

In a planetary put 220 g. Soft butter and 120 of powdered sugar, then add the milk a little at a time

Excelsior dessert step 2

step 2

Work well with the whips until a soft and fluffy mixture is obtained

Excelsior dessert step 3

step 3

Replace the whisk with the leaf hook and add the flour, one spoon at a time

Excelsior dessert step 4

step 4

Put the dough in a sac a poche with a wide star spout and form sticks of about 5 cm directly on a plate lined with parchment paper.

Excelsior dessert step 5

step 5

Place in hot oven at 180 degrees for about 15/20 minutes until golden brown

Excelsior dessert step 6

step 6

For the filling, weigh the honey in a glass, add the water, the aromas, the jam and the dye and mix well. Place the sugar and almond flour in the planetary and pour the liquid a little at a time. Finally add the butter

Excelsior dessert step 7

step 7

You will get a soft cream

Excelsior dessert step 8

step 8

When the biscuits are cold, put the cream in a sac a poche and spread the cream on a biscuit, close with another biscuit

Excelsior dessert step 9

step 9

Lastly, to garnish, melt the chocolate and dip the biscuits, then pass them in the pistachio nuts and place them on baking paper until the chocolate solidifies.

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