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Hot peppers in oil




Spicy chillies

500 grams

Extra virgin olive oil

to taste


4 spoons

White vinegar

250 mL

preserves from Italy - Puglia

Hot peppers in oil

Hot peppers in oil

vegan source of C vitamins

ready in


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

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Hot peppers in oil

Easy to make ... they are delicious and also useful to enrich your dishes!

Hot peppers in oil step 1

step 1

Wash the peppers. Carefully remove the green petioles and dab them with a clean cloth. Put on the gloves and with scissors cut them into small pieces of the desired size.

Hot peppers in oil step 2

step 2

Insert a dish into a colander. Put the peppers in layers inside the dishcloth, sprinkling them with salt at the end of each layer to absorb water from them.

Hot peppers in oil step 3

step 3

Get to the edge of the colander, moisten everything with vinegar, without overdoing, and close the dishcloth on itself. Take a saucer that comes flush into the colander and put a weight on it (at least 2 kg) so that it compresses the peppers.

Hot peppers in oil step 4

step 4

Wait 24 hours and then remove the chillies from the salt with kitchen paper. If desired, repeat the salting operation for a further 24 hours and clean the peppers.

Hot peppers in oil step 5

step 5

Sterilize the jars in boiling water for 25 minutes and drain them upside down on a clean cloth. Optionally, if desired, blanch the peppers in the pan, making it reach about 70-80 ° C (low heat).

Hot peppers in oil step 6

step 6

Fill the jars with peppers up to half a cm from the edge and fill them with oil. Let it rest with the cap resting on it but not closed to let the air come to the surface.

Hot peppers in oil step 7

step 7

Top up with oil to fill the jar and leave it still open to check that the oil level is not lowered. If the level remains constant, the peppers in oil are ready to be closed.

Hot peppers in oil step 8

step 8

Close the jar and keep the peppers in the dark.

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