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Fit kinder paradise




Rice flour

50 grams

Coconut flour

10 grams


100 grams


1 unit

Egg, egg white

40 grams

Lemon peel

1 teaspoon

Semiskimmed milk

100 grams


12 grams


5 grams

Greek lowfat yogurt

100 grams

Vanilla bean

5 grams


7 grams

Desserts from Italy

Fit kinder paradise

Fit kinder paradise

vegetarian with eggs with lactose

ready in

1 hour


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

translated by Italian with google translate

Fit kinder paradise

Recipe for a like Kinder Paradise. Soft, with an aroma of vanilla that will flood the whole kitchen

Fit kinder paradise step 1

step 1

First open the vanilla bean and scrape the seeds that will be put into a saucepan with the milk.

Fit kinder paradise step 2

step 2

Bring to the boil with 100g of water inside the pod of the vanilla bean, using a lid. Just comes to a boil always turn off and let it cool with the lid.

Fit kinder paradise step 3

step 3

Meanwhile mounted the egg yolk until creamy, add flour and 30 grams of Schar Mix, prepared for sweets.

Fit kinder paradise step 4

step 4

Add the flavored water that must be removed berry (aggiungetene little at a time because there may not serve all, you have to get a creamy but not liquid). Add the lemon zest.

Fit kinder paradise step 5

step 5

Whip the egg whites and embed them into the mixture by turning from the bottom upwards to avoid the disassembly.

Fit kinder paradise step 6

step 6

Cook in the microwave at 500W for 4 minutes, then turn it over and continue for 1 minute or in oven at 180 degrees until golden brown, do the toothpick test.

Fit kinder paradise step 7

step 7

For the cream: boil the milk with the vanilla seeds and cornstarch turning constantly to ensure that it dissolves properly without leaving lumps.

Fit kinder paradise step 8

step 8

When you turn off thickened, add in honey and let cool (better if you leave at least half an hour in the refrigerator). Once the cold cream will merge it with the greek yogurt.

Fit kinder paradise step 9

step 9

Just cold it will divide the cake into two and stuff, close it again and let stand in the refrigerator overnight. The morning garnish with coconut / cinnamon / fruit to taste.

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