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Broccoli baked




Extra virgin olive oil

4 spoons

Iodized salt

2 pinches


2 grams


350 grams

Side Dishes from Italy

Broccoli baked

Broccoli baked

vegan source of C vitamins with good fats

ready in

1 hour


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

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Broccoli baked

A unique and tasty outline

Broccoli baked step 1

step 1

Clean and wash the broccoli. Turn the oven to 200 degrees

Broccoli baked step 2

step 2

Place the broccoli in the baked plate of oven baked oven with oil, pepper and salt and bake for 40 minutes

Broccoli baked step 3

step 3

Check occasionally in such a way that the top does not burn, turn it off halfway

Broccoli baked step 4

step 4

Serve warm or lukewarm

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