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Detergent For Trays




Type 00 wheat flour

50 grams


50 grams

Sunflower oil

70 grams

preserves from Italy

Detergent For Trays

Detergent For Trays

vegetarian with gluten with lactose

ready in

5 minutes


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

translated by Italian with google translate

Detergent For Trays

This more than a recipe is a crazy shrewd!

Detergent For Trays step 1

step 1

Take the butter out of the fridge a quarter of an hour before using it, so that it softens well, then put it in the mixer with the flour and oil and blend everything until you get a smooth and lump-free cream.

Detergent For Trays step 2

step 2

Pour the mixture into a glass jar with the lid and keep it in the fridge.

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