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Soy Ricotta




Soy drink

1 liter

Lemon juice

35 grams

Side Dishes from Italy

Soy Ricotta

Soy Ricotta

vegan high in calcium source of D vitamins

ready in

2 hours 30 minutes


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

translated by Italian with google translate

Soy Ricotta

Yes you read bene..RICOTTA SOY, the great versatility of this legume we can also use it to create a vegetable cheese, a boon to those who are intolerant to lactose, gluten, but also a pleasant surprise for those who want to eat a cheese with less fat, less calories and with a flavor that has nothing to envy compared to that produced with cow's milk.

Soy Ricotta step 1

step 1

First, we bring to a boil in a pot, soy milk, then pour it into a glass container possible

Soy Ricotta step 2

step 2

the caglierà milk better and give better performance than other materials and containers immediately after we pour the lemon juice.

Soy Ricotta step 3

step 3

The first thing we notice as a result of the contact between the two liquids is the formation of small white flakes and a separation of these from the rest of the liquid

Soy Ricotta step 4

step 4

iò means that our process is bearing fruit for citric dellacido effect of the lemon soy milk proteins coagulate to form the curd, which then become our cottage cheese

Soy Ricotta step 5

step 5

We cover at this point the container with the film and let curdle the mixture for about ten minutes

Soy Ricotta step 6

step 6

in the meantime take a container, we put over a colander and within this a clean cloth

Soy Ricotta step 7

step 7

exactly how the process for the preparation of soy milk, to separate it dallokara.

Soy Ricotta step 8

step 8

Once 10 minutes is the time to filter the liquid to separate the serum from the vegetable ricotta, we do it by pouring the mixture onto the cloth that we place in the colander

Soy Ricotta step 9

step 9

well now we just have to wait for all the serum descends into the pot, stir gently to promote the ricotta with a wooden spoon.

Soy Ricotta step 10

step 10

When the serum is passed completely into the pot take the ricotta, put in a small strainer or in a fuscella and leave for a few hours in the fridge

Soy Ricotta step 11

step 11

in this period of time it is rassoderà and still lose a bit of remaining liquid.

Soy Ricotta step 12

step 12

Before you do this we can possibly drizzle the soy curd with ingredients that a few lines further on we cited.

Soy Ricotta step 13

step 13

That's after a couple of hours our soybean curd is ready to be baggy and devoured sempilce not?

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