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Poké with tempura shrimp




Semi di sesamo Altromercato

2 and 1/2 spoons

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Sushi rice

300 grams


1 half


1 unit


2 unit

Edamame, frozen green soy beans

250 grams

Sea wakame seaweed

1 portion


12 grams

Soy sauce

a bit

Sesame oil

1 and 1/2 spoons

Rice vinegar

4 and 1/2 spoons


2 pinches

White sugar

2 and 1/2 spoons

Sliced almonds

60 grams


a bit

single courses from Japan

Poké with tempura shrimp

Poké with tempura shrimp

with eggs with shellfish source of B vitamins high in iron high in potassium high in magnesium with good fats

ready in

50 minutes


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

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Poké with tempura shrimp

Poké with tempura shrimp. you can change the recipe based on the ingredients and proteins you like most!

Poké with tempura shrimp step 1

step 1

Rinse drink the rice for sushi (alternatively you can use the original rice) under running water until the water is clear. Steaming

Poké with tempura shrimp step 2

step 2

Clean the prawns and put them on the sticks so that they remain straight during cooking.

Poké with tempura shrimp step 3

step 3

Boil the edamame until cooked, but still crunchy. About 15/20 minutes. Sgranateli

Poké with tempura shrimp step 4

step 4

Thaw wakame seaweed salad (found in all frozen and seasoned Asian product stores). Cut the cucumber, carrot and avocado into cubes

Poké with tempura shrimp step 5

step 5

Preparing the rice dressing (or buying the ready-made dressing) will serve rice vinegar, salt, sugar and a little water. Put a saucepan on the heat to melt the ingredients and allow to cool

Poké with tempura shrimp step 6

step 6

When the rice is ready, let it cool on a large serving dish and pour the dressing over it (it must have cooled down beforehand), mix well with a wooden spoon. Add sesame oil and toasted sesame seeds

Poké with tempura shrimp step 7

step 7

Prepare the batter for tempura with cold (very cold!) Natural water and 00 flour sieved at least 3 times. The batter should not be too thick. Pass the prawns in the batter and fry them immediately in plenty of hot oil

Poké with tempura shrimp step 8

step 8

To compose the poké putting the rice, to the sides the ingredients cut all to turn, to season with soy sauce. complete with the shrimp tempura cut into pieces. Add crisp onion, chili pepper, Japanese mayonnaise, teriyaki sauce

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