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Pancake kinder delice




Spelled flour

30 oz

Chopped hazelnuts

12 oz

Bitter cacao

15 oz

Egg, egg white

120 oz

Greek lowfat yogurt

30 oz


2 teaspoons

Greek lowfat yogurt

100 oz

Vanilla flavour

1 oz

Baking powder for desserts

2 oz

Desserts from Italy - Lazio

Pancake kinder delice

Pancake kinder delice

vegetarian with gluten with eggs high in calcium high in potassium high in phosphorus

ready in

3 hours


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

translated by Italian with google translate

Pancake kinder delice

Pancake stuffed with hazelnuts and cocoa yogurt vanilla cream, super!

Pancake kinder delice step 1

step 1

Chop the hazelnuts and make flour, then add them to the barley, cocoa, egg whites, 1 teaspoon of stevia, yeast, yogurt 30g

Pancake kinder delice step 2

step 2

Cook the mixture in the pan like a regular pancake

Pancake kinder delice step 3

step 3

Splitting the pancake at the center and fill with 100g of yogurt flavored with vanilla and sweetened with stevia. Leave in the fridge a couple of hours at least

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