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Pumpkin pie




Chocolate chips

125 grams

Baking powder for desserts

1 unit


2 unit

Full fat milk

180 mL

Sunflower oil

90 mL


300 grams

White sugar

150 grams

Type 00 wheat flour

200 grams

Desserts from Italy

Pumpkin pie

Pumpkin pie

vegetarian with gluten with eggs with lactose

ready in

50 minutes


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

translated by Italian with google translate

Pumpkin pie

Simple and greedy cake!

Pumpkin pie step 1

step 1

Put the cut gourd and half of the milk into a cutter. Let go of the blender to form a soft cream.

Pumpkin pie step 2

step 2

Put the cream in a bowl to which you add the beaten eggs, the remaining milk and the oil. Mix and leave pumpkin cake aside.

Pumpkin pie step 3

step 3

In another bowl mix the sifted flour, sugar and yeast

Pumpkin pie step 4

step 4

Mix the ingredients of the two bowls together to form a clump-free dough, helping them with a whip.

Pumpkin pie step 5

step 5

At this point, if you want, you can add the drops of chocolate. I recommend that you put them in a little of flour before pouring into the compound so that they do not all fall into the bottom

Pumpkin pie step 6

step 6

Grind (or oil) a pan and put in the dough.

Pumpkin pie step 7

step 7

Cook at 180 ° for 30 minutes or until, by inserting a needle, it will not dry out

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