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Cake Kinder Pingui




Milk chocolate

300 grams

Fresh cream

500 grams

Full fat milk

60 mL

Gelatin for dessert

6 grams

White sugar

1 spoon

Mascarpone cheese

750 grams


150 grams

Chocolate cookies

300 grams

Desserts from Italy

Cake Kinder Pingui

Cake Kinder Pingui

with gluten with fish with lactose

ready in

1 hour


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

translated by Italian with google translate

Cake Kinder Pingui

Sweet with a cream that melts in the mouth, like a mousse. It's so good that you absolutely have to try to realize it!

Cake Kinder Pingui step 1

step 1

Base: Put the butter or margarine in a pan and let it melt to a low flame. Meanwhile, smooth the biscuits.

Cake Kinder Pingui step 2

step 2

Combine the two ingredients and mix them well. Coat the bottom of your wheel with the oven paper and pour the compound into it, leveling it up to obtain a homogeneous base

Cake Kinder Pingui step 3

step 3

Put the wheel in the fridge and, in the meantime, go to the preparation of the stuffing.

Cake Kinder Pingui step 4

step 4

Stuffing: Place the gelatine in sheets in a glass of cold water and let it soften for about 10 minutes.

Cake Kinder Pingui step 5

step 5

Meanwhile, hook up the mascarpone with a spoonful of sugar for about a minute.

Cake Kinder Pingui step 6

step 6

Set aside the mixture and heat (milk or microwave) on the bottom.

Cake Kinder Pingui step 7

step 7

Now pull the gelatine out of the water, squeeze it well and immerse it in boiling milk, taking care to turn it all the way up to complete dissolution

Cake Kinder Pingui step 8

step 8

Let it cool and then add the mixture to the mascarpone and mix the ingredients.

Cake Kinder Pingui step 9

step 9

The milk does not have to be hot, the hot / cold shock will make the cream lumpy, but not cold either otherwise the jelly will begin to solidify.

Cake Kinder Pingui step 10

step 10

Once this is done, pour 300 ml of cream into a bowl and place it with whips.

Cake Kinder Pingui step 11

step 11

Reach a compact consistency, mix it with mascarpone with a spatula, adding it a little at a time.

Cake Kinder Pingui step 12

step 12

At this point, weigh your fill and divide the mixture into half. My weighed about 1kg, so I got two 500g each.

Cake Kinder Pingui step 13

step 13

Now take the wheel out of the fridge and distribute half made on the basis of your Kinder Pinguì cake

Cake Kinder Pingui step 14

step 14

Level the surface well and let it stand in the fridge for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, go to the preparation of the ganache.

Cake Kinder Pingui step 15

step 15

Ganache: The ganache will serve to make the interior and decorate the surface of the Kinder Pinguì cake. Realizing it is very simple

Cake Kinder Pingui step 16

step 16

Just chop chocolate, pour over 200 ml of hot cream and spin with a wooden spoon until chocolate is completely dissolved.

Cake Kinder Pingui step 17

step 17

If the cream is to cool during the process, put the mixture on a low flame and, while continuing to mix, dissolve the whole chocolate.

Cake Kinder Pingui step 18

step 18

After 10 minutes of settling the first half of the filling, take the turn from the fridge. Now you have to pour 1/3 of the ganache on the first layer of cream

Cake Kinder Pingui step 19

step 19

Make sure it is lukewarm and not hot, otherwise you risk loosening the surface of the underlying layer. To facilitate the task, I took 1 and a half ganache from the total.

Cake Kinder Pingui step 20

step 20

To stretch it homogeneously I simply tilted the wheel. Be quick in the process, otherwise the ganache will cool and solidify.

Cake Kinder Pingui step 21

step 21

Do this, put the cake back in the refrigerator for 15 minutes.

Cake Kinder Pingui step 22

step 22

After the necessary time and make sure the ganache is solid (just touch it with a finger: if it is too sticky, leave it in the fridge), pour the second part of the cream to the mascarpone

Cake Kinder Pingui step 23

step 23

Level up well and put it in the refrigerator for another ten minutes

Cake Kinder Pingui step 24

step 24

Finally pour the remaining ganache (if it should be slightly dense, melt it back to the bain-marie to make it more liquid) and distribute it homogeneously on the surface

Cake Kinder Pingui step 25

step 25

The process may seem a bit annoying, but I assure you that the result is amazing: you will get the layers of the famous Kinder snack!

Cake Kinder Pingui step 26

step 26

At this point you just have to leave your Kinder Ping Pie in the fridge for about four hours. I always advise you to prepare it the day before and let the cake settle all night.

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