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Cordon Bleu Al Forno ... !!!




Extra virgin olive oil

to taste

Dry rosemary

to taste

Yellow corn flour

100 grams

Rice flour

150 grams

Cheese slices

4 unit


200 grams


2 unit

Chicken breast

400 grams

second courses from Switzerland

Cordon Bleu Al Forno ... !!!

Cordon Bleu Al Forno ... !!!

with meat with eggs with lactose high in potassium high in phosphorus

ready in

30 minutes


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

translated by Italian with google translate

Cordon Bleu Al Forno ... !!!

The cordon bleu is a classic of the classics that we almost all ate at least once in a lifetime, this is stuffed meat stuffed with cheese and ham a real genius that does not need so many salamelecchi and that will conquer your children, try them and you will know say ahahah; -)) !!!

Cordon Bleu Al Forno ... !!! step 1

step 1

Beat the slices of meat to flatten a little, put them in a bowl with spices and rosemary and mix.

Cordon Bleu Al Forno ... !!! step 2

step 2

Spread a chicken slice over the ham and the slice, fold it over and close it with toothpicks, do the same with the others.

Cordon Bleu Al Forno ... !!! step 3

step 3

Beat the eggs with a fork. Pass the cordon bleu into the egg, then into rice flour, then again into the egg and finally into the corn flour

Cordon Bleu Al Forno ... !!! step 4

step 4

Place them on an oven-baked pan and bake them in the pre-heated oven at 180 ° for 25/30 minutes !!!

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