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Dry tomatoes




Red tomatoes

1000 grams

Iodized salt

to taste

Black pepper

1 teaspoon


1 leaf

Sunflower oil

500 mL

preserves from Italy - Sicilia

Dry tomatoes

Dry tomatoes

vegan with good fats

ready in

24 hours


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

translated by Italian with google translate

Dry tomatoes

A preserved dried in the sun

Dry tomatoes step 1

step 1

Accessory for the drying phase: a fine weave loom

Dry tomatoes step 2

step 2

I recommend using piccadilly as a basil tomato quality serving 1 leaflet for every tomato, whereas for salt you have to put 2 pinches in each half

Dry tomatoes step 3

step 3

3 Months Stage: Wash cold tomatoes with tomatoes, open them in a book by cutting them with a knife starting from the tip, without splitting it completely

Dry tomatoes step 4

step 4

Place them on wooden boards or trays and salt them and serve 2 pinches for each half

Dry tomatoes step 5

step 5

Leave them in the sun and return them in the evening to the sun for another 2 days

Dry tomatoes step 6

step 6

4 days: in a large pot boil for a few minutes the dried tomatoes for 2 minutes, rinse them in cold water and drop well

Dry tomatoes step 7

step 7

Drying: Once poured, lay them over a canvas cover with a fine weave to let them dry in the sun for half a day

Dry tomatoes step 8

step 8

Final Step: Wash and dry basil leaves put them in a large bowl with black pepper and oil pour tomatoes and mix them

Dry tomatoes step 9

step 9

Take a tomato at a time and wrap it in half a basil leaf close with the other half and press

Dry tomatoes step 10

step 10

Place the oil, pepper, and basil leaves in the container on top of the dried tomatoes

Dry tomatoes step 11

step 11

Close with a lid and store them in a cool, dry place or even in a refrigerator mix before serving

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