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Lactose free apple pie





3 unit


1 unit


1 pinch


4 unit

Brown sugar

200 grams

Sunflower oil

100 grams

Almond milk

80 grams

Type 00 wheat flour

330 grams

Baking powder for desserts

16 grams


1 teaspoon

White sugar

2 handfuls

Desserts from Italy

Lactose free apple pie

Lactose free apple pie

vegetarian with gluten with eggs with nuts source of D vitamins with good fats

ready in

1 hour 20 minutes


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

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Lactose free apple pie

A very tasty cake to prepare with the fruit you prefer: for a summer version, just replace the apples with peaches!

Lactose free apple pie step 1

step 1

First of all, let's take care of the apples: wash them, peel them and remove the core. We obtain 20 slices to keep aside, while the remaining part is reduced to cubes and we dip the whole in the juice of a lemon to avoid blackening.

Lactose free apple pie step 2

step 2

With the electric whisk at medium speed, beat the eggs with the sugar, salt and grated lemon peel for the time necessary to obtain a light and frothy mixture.

Lactose free apple pie step 3

step 3

Add the seed oil and almond milk, keeping the whisk on until it reaches homogeneity.

Lactose free apple pie step 4

step 4

Let's stop the whips, mix the yeast, baking soda and flour with the help of a spoon and add them to the rest with a marisa.

Lactose free apple pie step 5

step 5

We add the cubed fruit (not the slices) distributing it throughout the mixture.

Lactose free apple pie step 6

step 6

We oil and flour a 24 cm pan and pour everything into it.

Lactose free apple pie step 7

step 7

We arrange the slices of peach on the surface to our liking (I tried to recreate the rays of the sun) and sprinkle with icing sugar.

Lactose free apple pie step 8

step 8

Cook in a convection oven preheated to 170 ° for about 50 minutes. In the event that we should notice that the surface of the cake darkens excessively after about 40 minutes we lower the oven to 160 °.

Lactose free apple pie step 9

step 9

Let it cool before removing the cake from the mold and ... let's taste!

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