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Cold coffee cream





2 cans

Icing sugar

6 teaspoons

Espresso coffee

2 coffee cups

Vegetable cooking cream, glutenfree

200 oz

Desserts from Italy

Cold coffee cream

Cold coffee cream

vegetarian with lactose with nuts

ready in

20 minutes


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

translated by Italian with google translate

Cold coffee cream

The cream of cold coffee is an all summer summertime, a cool, gentle dessert as good as the bar. To achieve it is really very simple, serve few ingredients and is simple to work.

Cold coffee cream step 1

step 1

First, put the vegetable cream in the planetarium and then prepare two espresso cups.

Cold coffee cream step 2

step 2

Allow coffee to cool and mix a teaspoon of nutella

Cold coffee cream step 3

step 3

Incorporate everything into whipped cream, coffee, velvet sugar by using a silicone palette and add another teaspoon of nutella

Cold coffee cream step 4

step 4

Pour the mixture into coffee cups, sprinkle some cocoa bean sugar, put the film in a transparent and freezer, this way you will have the quantities already sunk, easier to serve.

Cold coffee cream step 5

step 5

When you take the freezer from the freezer, let the coffee cream rest for one to two minutes before eating it, it will be softer.

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