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Muffin pistachio and lemon




Baking powder for desserts

1 unit

Lemon juice

50 oz


4 spoons


1 unit

Olive oil

60 oz


2 unit

Brown sugar

100 oz

Pistachio grain

100 oz

Potato starch

50 oz

Type 00 wheat flour

200 oz

Desserts from Italy

Muffin pistachio and lemon

Muffin pistachio and lemon

vegetarian with gluten with eggs with nuts with good fats

ready in

45 minutes


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

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Muffin pistachio and lemon

The pistachio and lemon muffins are delicious great treats for breakfast and perfect in front of a good coffee. Like all the muffins are very soft ... and this does not depend on the presence of fat, but how they are made. The secret lies in the fact work separately the solid ingredients than liquid. The pistachio and lemon muffins are really delicate thanks to the sweet taste of pistachios that finds its balance with lemon.

Muffin pistachio and lemon step 1

step 1

We wash a nice organic lemon, grattugiamo spremiamone the peel and juice. In a bowl mix together the flour, chopped pistachios, sugar, starch, baking powder and grated lemon peel.

Muffin pistachio and lemon step 2

step 2

In another vessel instead slightly we beat eggs with 4 tablespoons of water, add the oil and the lemon juice. At this point slowly we pour it all in the solid ingredients and amalgamiamo formless

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Muffin pistachio and lemon step 3

step 3

Let us now drained 12 muffin cases and after having been buttered and floured (if we use non-stick ones do not need it) riempiamoli half of the dough. We bake our pistachio and lemon muffins at 180 degrees

Muffin pistachio and lemon step 4

step 4

After checking the cooking with the toothpick test, spengiamo, we sforniamo our treats and chilly expect it to gustarceli.

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