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Salted Plumcake




Type 2 wheat flour

100 grams

Whole spelled flour

100 grams


3 unit

Extra virgin olive oil

60 mL

Yeast for bakery products

1 unit

Lactosefree milk

100 mL

Iodized salt

to taste

Bakery products from Italy - Piemonte

Salted Plumcake

Salted Plumcake

vegetarian with gluten with eggs high in calcium with good fats

ready in

1 hour


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

translated by Italian with google translate

Salted Plumcake

Salted plumcake made with wholemeal spelled flour and Ii flour

Salted Plumcake step 1

step 1

Sift flour and baking powder in a bowl, then add the oil.

Salted Plumcake step 2

step 2

In another bowl, beat the eggs with the milk, add salt and add the liquid obtained to the flour mixture.

Salted Plumcake step 3

step 3

Mix everything well. Grease and flour a plumcake mold and place the dough.

Salted Plumcake step 4

step 4

Inform yourself at 180 degrees for 45, do the toothpick test. Let it cool to taste it better

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