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Frittata standoff





80 grams


2 unit


80 grams

Grated Parmesan cheese

50 grams

Black pepper

to taste

Fresh scamorza cheese

40 grams

Iodized salt

1 pinch

Extra virgin olive oil

2 spoons

Side Dishes from Italy - Puglia

Frittata standoff

Frittata standoff

vegetarian with gluten with eggs with lactose high in calcium

ready in

20 minutes


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

translated by Italian with google translate

Frittata standoff

A delicious pancake and high in protein, which will allow you to defeat even the most evil nemini.

Frittata standoff step 1

step 1

First boil for about a minute of 15in the spinach, meanwhile prepare the mixture of our omelet:

Frittata standoff step 2

step 2

whisk in a medium size bowl the eggs, add all the Parmesan, breadcrumbs, a pinch of salt and baking soda, and we mix everything until you create a more or less thick paste.

Frittata standoff step 3

step 3

If too thick, add water half shell.

Frittata standoff step 4

step 4

at this point of our beautiful and cooked spinach will be Let's get away from the water, sgoccioliamoli her going and riponiamoli in a dish. helping with scissors or with a knife, tagliuzziamoli a bit.

Frittata standoff step 5

step 5

this pour over the spinach in the bowl with the dough for the omelette, add a pinch of salt and turn back everything up to create a single compound.

Frittata standoff step 6

step 6

in a frying pan we pour a few tablespoons of oil and pour the contents of the cup. we try to spread it evenly. cook over low heat, otherwise we risk to burn the omelette!

Frittata standoff step 7

step 7

After about a minute 10ina turn the omelet, let us help with a spatula if our omelette is struggling to break away from the pan.

Frittata standoff step 8

step 8

rotated the omelette, we distribute in a more or less organic slices of fresh scamorza.

Frittata standoff step 9

step 9

rolled up slowly and in great, let's help with a spatula or a spoon or fork ... well something that spells the fourth degree burns on your hands.

Frittata standoff step 10

step 10

concluded this delicate operation, slicing and serving. enjoy your meal!

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