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Stuffed artichokes




Black pepper

to taste

Iodized salt

to taste

Extra virgin olive oil

to taste


1 spoon

Grated Parmesan cheese

3 spoons


2 spoons


1 unit


1 unit


1 unit


4 unit

second courses from Italy

Stuffed artichokes

Stuffed artichokes

vegetarian with gluten with eggs with lactose

ready in

1 hour


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

translated by Italian with google translate

Stuffed artichokes

The recipe that I propose adds taste and liking to artichokes but without appeasing them or making them challenging. In fact, this dish can be offered either as a second dish or as a starter or outline. Try them quickly and with a few easy steps you can get an excellent result even for beginners at the stove

Stuffed artichokes step 1

step 1

Clean artichokes by removing the more exterior and hard leaves and any stems. Wash them and dip them in cold water with half the lemon juice.

Stuffed artichokes step 2

step 2

Wash and bake the potato in boiling water for 20 minutes. At school completion, cool, peel and crush with the help of a fork.

Stuffed artichokes step 3

step 3

In a large pan, bring a lightly salted water to boiling, add the rest of lemon juice and bake the artichokes for about 20 minutes. At school completion and cool down.

Stuffed artichokes step 4

step 4

In a bowl pour the crushed potato, egg, breadcrumbs, 2 spoons of parmesan cheese, extra virgin olive oil, parsley and season with salt and pepper. Mix until a homogeneous compound is obtained.

Stuffed artichokes step 5

step 5

Spread the leaves of the artichokes until they reach the innermost ones and gently extract the heart with the help of a teaspoon. Blend the hearts and add them to the filling mixing again.

Stuffed artichokes step 6

step 6

Stuff the artichokes with the filling and place them in a non-stick oven pan. Sprinkle with the remaining parmesan spoon and cook in a preheated oven at 200 ° C for 15 minutes.

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