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Courgettes of zucchini




Puff pastry

275 grams


1 unit

Iodized salt

to taste

Tuna in oil

2 tins

Grated cheese

3 spoons


to taste

Extra virgin olive oil

to taste

Garlic and parsley, mix

to taste


2 teaspoons

single courses from Italy - Puglia

Courgettes of zucchini

Courgettes of zucchini

with gluten with fish with lactose with good fats

ready in

1 hour 10 minutes


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

translated by Italian with google translate

Courgettes of zucchini

The zucchini tart and a unique dish, perfect for a good dinner, light, is good, and fast to prepare.

Courgettes of zucchini step 1

step 1

We place the pasta in a pan in a pan without removing the oven paper, and with a fork we bake the dough.

Courgettes of zucchini step 2

step 2

We eat a great big zucchini, and we make slices very thin, on the ronde.

Courgettes of zucchini step 3

step 3

Place a layer of zucchini on the pasta and place the tuna in chopped pieces, garlic and chopped parsley, cheese and oil.

Courgettes of zucchini step 4

step 4

I put a sprinkling of zen stones if you like. Let's put the other slices of zucchini, and put garlic and parsley, cheese and grated Pan a spool of oil.

Courgettes of zucchini step 5

step 5

Let's know about 220g, and let it cook until it's golden.

Courgettes of zucchini step 6

step 6

If we do not like tuna we can put ham, scamorza, what we like.

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