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Semi-integral dough for pizza




Iodized salt

1 teaspoon


250 mL

Extra virgin olive oil

1 spoon

White sugar

2 teaspoons

Dry brewer's yeast

1 unit

Type 00 wheat flour

100 grams

Wholewheat flour

400 grams

Bakery products from Italy

Semi-integral dough for pizza

Semi-integral dough for pizza

vegan with gluten high in phosphorus

ready in

3 hours


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

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Semi-integral dough for pizza

Dough for pizza prepared with an integral flour mix and 00 in ratio 80-20. If you are used to a very soft consistency, you will probably be disappointed by the result (the consistency, especially for the white version, is almost a crush) but who, like me, loves a crunchy pizza and does not give too much under the weight of Seasoning, is in the right place #bambini

Semi-integral dough for pizza step 1

step 1

Mix whole wheat flour and 00 in ratio 80-20 with dry yeast and sugar

Semi-integral dough for pizza step 2

step 2

Add the Evo oil and begin to incorporate the lukewarm water gradually, working the dough first in a bowl and then onto a floury dill

Semi-integral dough for pizza step 3

step 3

Add salt for the last time, continue kneading for good by shaking and slashing the mixture with your hands until it is smooth and homogeneous (at least 10 minutes)

Semi-integral dough for pizza step 4

step 4

Using a knife, place an X in the center of the dough and place it in the oven closed in a flaky bowl covered with a damp cloth for at least 2h

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Semi-integral dough for pizza step 5

step 5

After the leavening time split the dough, which will have to be doubled in volume, in 4 parts and begin to spread each of them with your fingers, moving from the center to the outside

Semi-integral dough for pizza step 6

step 6

Relax the 4 pizzas on a floury surface and in the meantime preheat the oven in static mode at the maximum temperature

Semi-integral dough for pizza step 7

step 7

Then place your pizza on a suitable baking tray, which you have previously baked in the oven, and gently (if you use the mozzarella make sure you have it drained on a colander before laying it on the pizza)

Semi-integral dough for pizza step 8

step 8

Then, bake the pizza, placing it first on the bottom shelf, and once the base is golden, finish cooking on the top shelf

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