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Plum jam and thyme





1250 oz

White sugar

500 oz


1 half

Fresh thyme

2 sprigs

preserves from world

Plum jam and thyme

Plum jam and thyme


ready in

9 hours


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

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Plum jam and thyme

Plum and thyme jam, delicious and fragrant, is excellent for breakfast together with yogurt or toasted bread, or for delicious desserts.

Plum jam and thyme step 1

step 1

After washing the fruit, cut it into small pieces and put it in a very large pot. Add sugar, lemon juice and leave to soak in a cool place for about 6 hours.

Plum jam and thyme step 2

step 2

After this time, bring the pot to the fire and cook the plums gently for about 2 hours, remembering to stir occasionally.

Plum jam and thyme step 3

step 3

At this point, make a sort of small bag with gauze and place the sprigs of thyme inside. Close the bag with needle and thread, then dip it in the pot.

Plum jam and thyme step 4

step 4

Continue to cook the jam gently for another 30 minutes, then try the saucer.

Plum jam and thyme step 5

step 5

Pour a spoonful of jam on a plate, so that it cools very quickly: if the jam thickens and does not drip, it means that it is ready, otherwise you will need a few more minutes of cooking.

Plum jam and thyme step 6

step 6

Once the jam is ready, remove the bag with thyme. Now, if you want a smoother result, you can blend it with the immersion blender. Personally, I prefer to leave a few pieces of fruit and omit this passage.

Plum jam and thyme step 7

step 7

Pour the jam into well-cleaned jars and seal them with new caps. Cover the bottom of a pot with a cloth and place the jars inside.

Plum jam and thyme step 8

step 8

Cover everything with water and boil the jam for 30 minutes. Remove the jars only when the water has turned cold and store them in a cool place away from light. In this way the jam will be kept for a year or more.

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