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Greek salad




Feta cheese

200 oz

Lettuce or salad

400 oz

Red tomatoes

4 unit

Black olives

50 oz


1 half


1 unit

Extra virgin olive oil

to taste


to taste

second courses from Greece

Greek salad

Greek salad

vegetarian with lactose high in calcium high in potassium

ready in

10 minutes


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

translated by Italian with google translate

Greek salad

Greek Linsalata is often also prepared by adding the green o rossi sliced ​​peppers. If you do not find an onion suitable to be eaten raw you can replace the classic onion with the news, with the spring onions or scallions. #estate #insalatagreca

Greek salad step 1

step 1

To prepare the Greek salad, the salad washed, dry it thoroughly and cut it. Continue with the peel and chopped cucumber.

Greek salad step 2

step 2

Peeled, washed and cut the onion into thin or thick slices, according to your tastes, then washed tomatoes and Privatel of the petiole and cut into quarters.

Greek salad step 3

step 3

At this point take the feta and cut it into cubes.

Greek salad step 4

step 4

n a large bowl you place first the salad, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes and pitted black olives. At the end, add feta, oregano and oil.

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