Macaroni with meat sauce 'Special Vegan





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1 unit


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Olio extravergine di oliva

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to taste

Seitan affumicato

200 grams

Maccheroni integrali

360 grams

Passata di pomodoro in barattolo, con sale

500 grams

Erba cipollina

5 grams

Castagne sbucciate

150 grams

Macaroni with meat sauce 'Special Vegan

Macaroni with meat sauce 'Special Vegan

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100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

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vegano con glutine

Foto Ricetta Macaroni with meat sauce 'Special Vegan

A Prime delicious dish! Of the vegan Macaroni with meat sauce, different from the classic soy sauce dehydrated! A real treat for the palate! : P To see the process just go to my YouTube Channel Recipes Happy!

Foto preparazione Macaroni with meat sauce 'Special Vegan

step 1

Prepare the sauce of onion and half cittura add the carrots cut into julienne strips, seitan cut into cubes and boil for half an hour chestnuts, peeled and shredded.
Foto preparazione Macaroni with meat sauce 'Special Vegan

step 2

After about 10 minutes add the tomato puree, mix well and let cook for about 10 minutes.
Foto preparazione Macaroni with meat sauce 'Special Vegan

step 3

Meanwhile prepare the salt water to cook the pasta, drain the pasta 2 minutes before the end of cooking because then it will be put in the oven.
Foto preparazione Macaroni with meat sauce 'Special Vegan

step 4

Combine the pasta with meat sauce, stir everything and add the nutritional yeast and spices.
Foto preparazione Macaroni with meat sauce 'Special Vegan

step 5

Bake at 220 degrees the time necessary to make it a little scorch!

fabbisogno giornaliero (per persona)

Main +

Calories 522.69 kcal n.d.

Fat 5.05 g n.d.

Carbohydrates 95.24 g n.d.

Protein 29.31 g n.d.

Fibers 10.67 g n.d.

Water 168.41 g n.d.

Ashes 3.89 g n.d.

Sugars 7.65 g n.d.

Starch 0.24 g n.d.

Minerals +

Calcium 76.66 mg n.d.

Sodium 615.91 mg n.d.

Phosphorus 308.42 mg n.d.

Potassium 1007.97 mg n.d.

Iron 5.97 mg n.d.

Magnesium 173.1 mg n.d.

Zinc 2.84 mg n.d.

Copper 0.95 mg n.d.

Manganese 3.13 mg n.d.

Selenium 1.0 mcg n.d.

Fluorine 0.75 mcg n.d.

Vitamins +

A 0.0 mcg n.d.

A IU 3479.4 IU n.d.

A RAE 174.43 mcgRAE n.d.

B1 0.55 mg n.d.

B2 0.26 mg n.d.

B3 7.06 mg n.d.

B5 1.67 mg n.d.

B6 0.53 mg n.d.

B9 0.0 mcg n.d.

B12 0.0 mcg n.d.

C 31.42 mg n.d.

E 2.93 mg n.d.

B12 added 0.0 mcg n.d.

D 0.0 mcg n.d.

K 10.68 mcg n.d.

Lipids +

Monounsaturated 2.2 g n.d.

Polyunsaturated 1.07 g n.d.

Saturated 0.73 g n.d.

Cholesterol 0.0 mg n.d.

Amino acids +

Phenylalanine 0.76 g n.d.

Isoleucine 0.58 g n.d.

Histidine 0.38 g n.d.

Leucine 1.03 g n.d.

Lysine 0.42 g n.d.

Methionine 0.25 g n.d.

Tyrosine 0.4 g n.d.

Threonine 0.45 g n.d.

Tryptophan 0.19 g n.d.

Valine 0.66 g n.d.

Other +

Ethyl alcohol 0.0 g n.d.

Caffeine 0.0 mg n.d.

Theobromine 0.0 mg n.d.

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