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Strawberry Shortcake




Coconut oil

10 spoons

Brown sugar

1 cup

Ground cinnamon

to taste


3 unit


300 oz

Almond milk

1 cup

Vanilla extract

to taste

Bakery products from Chile

Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake

vegetarian with eggs with nuts source of C vitamins source of D vitamins

ready in

35 minutes


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

translated by Spanish with google translate

Strawberry Shortcake

Ideal for these winter days and take advantage of the ripe fruit

Strawberry Shortcake step 1

step 1

For the dough we place the oatmeal two yolks, half a cup of brown sugar or cane, cinnamon powder whites and coconut oil. Knead

Strawberry Shortcake step 2

step 2

Now we extend the dough on a fountain trying to surround an edge and to punch with heat the base to carry to average oven by 10 min

Strawberry Shortcake step 3

step 3

That time that dough will be in oven we will prepare the filling, place the whites of the two eggs that we use and the third and beat to froth we add the egg yolk the rest of the sugar

Strawberry Shortcake step 4

step 4

Essence of vanilla and beat, slowly add milk. Now we remove the dough from the oven and we cut the strawberry halves and place them on the dough, finally we add the stuffing watching not to pass the mold

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