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Apple pie





240 oz

Icing sugar

120 oz

Type 00 wheat flour

360 oz

Egg, yolk

40 oz

Vanilla bean

1 unit


100 oz

White sugar

150 oz


2 unit

Type 00 wheat flour

150 oz


2 unit

Baking powder for desserts

1 teaspoon

Grated lemon peel

a bit

Vanilla bean

1 unit


4 oz


1 unit

Icing sugar

a bit

Apricot jam

5 and 2/3 spoons

Desserts from Italy - Piemonte

Apple pie

Apple pie

vegetarian with gluten with eggs with lactose high in potassium high in phosphorus

ready in

1 hour 30 minutes


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

translated by Italian with google translate

Apple pie

A delicious apple pie now that starts the cold season! Excellent with a cup of tea!

Apple pie step 1

step 1

First we prepare the pastry. We arrange the soft butter with the sugar and mix until everything becomes a cream

Apple pie step 2

step 2

Add the egg yolk and vanilla

Apple pie step 3

step 3

Finally add the sifted yeast and flour

Apple pie step 4

step 4

While resting the shortcrust in the fridge we prepare the inside of the cake

Apple pie step 5

step 5

We mix sugar and butter to make a smooth mixture

Apple pie step 6

step 6

We add the eggs one at a time

Apple pie step 7

step 7

Add the flour, baking powder, vanilla bean, cinnamon and lemon zest to the mixture

Apple pie step 8

step 8

We mix everything well.

Apple pie step 9

step 9

Peel and cut the two apples into cubes and add them to the mixture

Apple pie step 10

step 10

We pull out the pastry from the fridge and use it to line a pan previously greased and floured

Apple pie step 11

step 11

We prick the bottom lightly with a fork and spread a light layer of apricot jam

Apple pie step 12

step 12

Pour the apple mixture inside and level it well

Apple pie step 13

step 13

We cut an apple into thin slices and fan them on the cake

Apple pie step 14

step 14

Bake in the oven at 180 degrees x 35-40 min

Apple pie step 15

step 15

We do the toothpick test. As soon as it is cold, sprinkle with icing sugar

Apple pie step 16

step 16

For the glace of chocolate I have up to 50 g and I brought it once melted at about 25 degrees. I put a sac a posc and made the decoration at will. In the fridge for half an hour and it's ready!

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