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French Toast





2 unit

Almond milk

1 cup


1 spoon


to taste


5 unit

Coconut oil

1 teaspoon

Wheat flour bread

3 slices

Desserts from Chile

French Toast

French Toast

vegetarian with gluten with eggs with nuts high in calcium source of D vitamins

ready in

10 minutes


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

translated by Spanish with google translate

French Toast

Sweet breakfast to enjoy at home

French Toast step 1

step 1

First cut the bread into pieces no more than 1 cm thick. Then, in a bowl beat the two eggs, incorporate the teaspoon of vanilla essence and the cup of milk. Beat everything again.

French Toast step 2

step 2

In that mixture put the loaves until they are wet on both sides. Meanwhile, in a frying pan simmer the teaspoon of coconut oil and put the loaves.

French Toast step 3

step 3

Sprinkle cinnamon and wait for them to brown on both sides. Remove and serve with strawberries and maple honey on top.

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