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Filanti Meatballs




Ground beef

300 oz

Smoked pork belly

50 oz


1 unit

Stale bread

50 oz

Gouda cheese

50 oz

Gouda cheese

100 oz

Garlic and parsley, mix

to taste


to taste


to taste

second courses from Italy

Filanti Meatballs

Filanti Meatballs

with meat with gluten with eggs with lactose high in calcium high in phosphorus

ready in

1 hour 15 minutes


daily requirement

100% Fat

100% Protein

100% Carbohydrates

translated by Italian with google translate

Filanti Meatballs

Filanti Meatballs are a tasty second course particularly appreciated and requested by children. A second dish simple to prepare and with few ingredients, the meatballs are a second dish loved by all but in this case they are even tastier with the stringy Monte Veronese cheese filling.

Filanti Meatballs step 1

step 1

Soak the slice of stale bread in water or milk. In a large dish, mix the minced meat with the egg, salt, pepper and chopped parsley, then add the bacon, and the slice of bread soaked and well wrung out

Filanti Meatballs step 2

step 2

and continue to mix all the ingredients.

Filanti Meatballs step 3

step 3

Cut the dough into balls, make a small hollow in the center and put a small piece of Monte Veronese Cheese, close it well so that the cheese does not come out while it is cooking.

Filanti Meatballs step 4

step 4

Pass the meatballs in the breadcrumbs, and collect them all on a plate.

Filanti Meatballs step 5

step 5

Put a large pan with oil on a low heat and fry the meatballs on both sides.

Filanti Meatballs step 6

step 6

if you use a lot of oil, dry the meatballs by passing them on a sheet of absorbent paper. Serve the hot meatballs to get the stringy cheese, but I assure you that they are excellent even cold, perhaps for a picnic or simply for lunch in the office.

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